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I like it better than the Icy Rub because it is not waxy, and it's a little stronger. Wonderful product, not the first time I have purchased.

Magic drops

There is something about this blend that is perfection – to take the edge off and let me fall into, or back into, a wonderful sleep...with no side effects. When I need it, there’s nothing like it. A wonderfully made product.

Icy Rub 400mg

Citrus Lotion 500mg

Happy Puppy

Taste Great.

Makes my old dog spry

This almost odorless mild tasting tincture has really changed my old pup's quality of life. Also he doesn't mind sharing on occasion. My vet even recommended I up his dose to counter his aging joint stiffness. I squirt it directly on his food twice a day.

Yummy Gummy

These little guys taste great.
I'm able to power up through a whole day of physical work with these little guys in my pocket.

CBD Green Apple Gummies

The product was everything I had hoped for. My arthritis in my back has decreased and allows me to walk more. The person in the shipping department was very helpful and the product arrived sooner than I had expected. My next order may be a CBD product with the added THC. Thank You

CBD Green Apple Gummies

The whole process went perfectly. I ordered, I received and I feel much better. Thank you for what you do.

Great store: great service: great product

I am so pleased by the various products I have ordered for my family over time: gummies, tincture and creams. The order process is easy, delivery is quick and the stuff I ordered is as good as advertised. I’m a forever customer.

Love these guys!

Love love love this CBD tincture. Unflavored is my personal choice.

Best store, best products, best price!

I have not found a better product than the Roots of Life CBD drops, they're simply the best. I may run into a better product down the line but for now my search is over. I've found what I need. They have something for everyone, sleep and daytime products. And you can't beat the price!

Does just what it says

I can't sleep without using this.

Gummies are sensational!

They are tasty and calming and they are great for my arthritic back


Delivery was super fast and the Gummies are delicious.

Love, love, love!

My CBD always comes super fast! I love the Roots Of Life brand, and have always had a great experience.

New gummies

Gummies were delicious and helped with arthritic back in about 15 minutes so potency seems right

Very effective

Reduces pain in my knees. Makes me feel young again

Nighttime regimen

I've been using nighttime blend for over a year. It helps me fall asleep faster.

Best CBD Product I've found

The Roots of Life CBD is the best CBD product that I have found. Both in terms of quality and price point. I suffer from nerve pain and muscle spasms, and this has been a game changer! When used daily, it has reduced my symptoms significantly, and allowed me to not have to take medication with side effects. I would highly recommend!! (oh and it tastes good)

Quick service and quality

Avocados tincture helps my muscles and bones. I was a non believer

Incredible pain relief

My knee joints have been a source of mild to moderate pain since I was in my early 20s. Now, in my late 40s, I found this rub and I rarely even feel a twinge. This product is amazingly effective!

Great customer service

Every time I order, I have great customer service.

Best Lotion EVER!

I absolutely love this lotion. I have extremely dry skin, and I noticed a difference after only one use and a huge difference after the 2nd time. Makes my skin feel like silk! And I absolutely LOVE the citrus scent. Please bring back the 8 oz bottles. Please?

Great Products

I always find great CBD products here! Anytime I've gone into the store the employees have always been super friendly and helpful.