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The best!

I love, love, love this muscle gel so much. It brings near instant relief and has a slight smell that I find very pleasant.

It has helped me every time I have used it and I wanted to share that magic with my loved ones so I just bought EIGHT bottles of it as Christmas presents!

Icy Rub Full Spectrum 700mg
Cynthia M Johnsen
Icy Rub Full Spectrum

The greatest rub ever!! It really helps my muscles relax and enables me to fall asleep fast. Great stuff, worth every penny!!

Too early to tell, but I think it's working

I love the fact that this is unflavored. I add it to my coffee each morning and some afternoons I add it to my tea to deal with the stress of work, traffic and juggling classes. I'm only 2 weeks in and although I feel like it's working, I'd like to give it another two weeks then compare to another brand I've used in the past.

Hard to review

It’s been ten days and the product hasn’t been delivered. I can’t review what I don’t have.

Best CBD I've found

I've tried numerous other CBD products to help treat my anxiety and each of them has helped, but for me this is by far the best one. I don't know how or why. I take half a dropper twice a day and it just helps to keep the anxiety at bay. Very happy I found this product and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality CBD products.

Icy Rub Full Spectrum 400mg


This rub works wonders! It has immensely helped with lower back pain and foot cramping from long days on foot. It has been worth every penny spent!

Icy Roll-On 500mg
Christine Myers

I use the icy rub on my legs before bed because I get terrible lag cramps. I like the stick 700 mg best

Seems to be working

So far our rescue has been seeing as many good days as bad. Hopefully it continues on the uptrend.

Muscle get full spare trim

I am very fond of this product. It absorbs and soothes quickly and is not greasy at all.

High CBG CBD 1200mg Drops
Keith Higginson
Pain Relief

Hello, so I started with you products via my chiropractor and a recommendation to try the CBD Icy Roll On 500mg. Its been helpful forsure, however after trying the Icy Rub 700mg I realized that it worked much better. Then I saw the 1200mg CBG + CBD drops and gave them a shot. Between the two applications my pain is ALOT more manageable. Not completely eliminated, but way better!! Thanks alot!!!

Great stuff

I use half as much as other brands I have tried to the same affect. Makes a big difference in $ and it works great for my 17 year old dog's achey joints, works so well she does her zoomies like she was ten years younger.

Icy rub

The icy rub is wonderful. It works great it takes my pain away within a few minutes.
Thank you
Teresa S.

Icy Rub Full Spectrum 700mg

Helps out our lab

Have used this for a few years for our older Labrador. She has seizures and this seems to help make them less frequent. Also help her feel better after long walks and swimming.

Icy Roll-On 500mg
Colleen Padelford

works well on pain

Icy Rub THC FREE 700mg

This stuff works!

It help with my pain immensely.

It is good s***

Learning to monitor my doses I have to time it just right so that I can work 8 hours on my feet with pain in my ankles. If I take it every 4 to 6 hours it lasts me for the full 8 hours of my shift

Only thing that helps my pain!

Besides ibuprofen this is the only pain reliever I can find that helps so well with cramps!! Highly recommend.

Never received

I have yet to receive my product since around Feb 20

I am a casual Advid runner. Have been for many years. Running an average of 7 miles each time makes for the feet to be a bit soar. Untill I found my heavenly rub and oil! You’ve got to seriously try it. Absolutely Amazing.
Thank you Roots of Life!!!

The best

Total pain relief! I have been very happy with your products as will as how fast the the shipping is.

Effectiveness level

I have been taking this for about a week . It hasn’t had much effect to help with pain or anxiety .

saved my old dog

I have an older minpin that has a number of tumors. The tumors were pressing against her lungs making it difficult for her to breathe. The vet bill to try and help her were just too much for us to afford. We were starting to talk about putting her down. Then a friend recommended your product. We saw improvements quickly. Three years later and koko is a happy old dog. The tumors have not totally gone away, but have shrunk dramatically. CBD saved her life. Thanks....