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Good stuff

Preferably the old stuff when it first came out. Feel little and smell different

Works great!

High CBG CBD 1200mg Drops

I have not tried it yet but my son did and he is super pleased with the product. He had no back pain at work and was able to get a lot more work done!


Icy Rub Full Spectrum is a pain saver ! My husband and I both use it daily and it stops the chronic pain issues .

Pet Drops Broad Spectrum THC FREE 1000mg

For sore muscles & joints

I have always bought mine from a store in Seaside. I couldn't find it while there in Feb 2024 so I ordered from online while still out of town. This is my 4th one. It really helps with my knees, shoulder, lower back. I swear by this product.


Icy Rub Full Spectrum 700mg
Shannon Honingford
great stuff actually works

been buying this for a while so good!

Took a long time to get the product.

It took a long time to get the product. I have never had it take this line. Plus I have always received emails regarding discounts and have not received those lately either. Not very good for customer friendly.

I have great results with this gel, however I’ve now had my 3rd bottle with a problem with the pump. This time it actually wasn’t working as soon as I opened it ☹️

it works

over 65 muscles sometimes hurt more than they used to after normal activity, and a quick rub-in of this gel pretty much makes it go away, and those just-a-little-too-old-for-that-sort-of-stuff hurts don't come back (unless you did something really serious to them) it fills an important gap there in the first several hours after exercise!

Works very well

Relieves arthritis pain and muscle tension

Awesome product, works very fast and lasts about 5 hours.

Pain Relief

I use this when my lower back is sore from repetitive motion at work & this rub does it for me!

Pet cbd

Amazing product. My dog was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago and I started using this product. Believe it or not but my dog not had high normal blood tests she’s us nite almost 14 years old

Icy Rub Full Spectrum 700mg
Mychalea Milbrodt

From being messed up by the local chiropractor and not being able to feel my left leg for 2 weeks and being in pain this has definitely helped!

The flavor is good and the relief is definitely good

Pleasant orange scent

Relieves the inflammation from my arthritic . Currently using it once a day. It's not complete relief but it sure makes the arthritis a little more tolerable! A little bit goes a long way!

Pet Drops Broad Spectrum THC FREE 1000mg


Icy really helps to receive my back pain

Unflavored Full Spectrum Drops 2000mg

Day Blend Full Spectrum CBD Drops 1000mg

Meets the standards I’ve experienced with prior purchases from Roots of Life

My son had been sending me full spectrum after purchasing at your shop. Excellent products.

Icy Rub Full Spectrum 700mg

CBD Isolate Capsules 750mg
Annette Pritchard

These help with muscle and joint pain as well as anxiety which all makes sleep a lot better although I can use during the day without drowsiness. I don’t notice any side effects.